AZA History

2003 – Major financial crisis just hit the world; many fortune 500 companies, leading financial industry and various key business sectors were heavily affected. Many companies has shutdown, bankrupts, and on demand caused the products prizes increased by easily 100% or more. Many countries have gone in to riots, and the war and natural disaster, has made the situation even worse. Stock market was dropping down all over the world, and economic took a huge downtown. There was also massive famine in certain part of the world, and medicine supply was scarce and expensive. This has led to major population around the globe to lead a very poor and unhealthy lifestyle. Due to this unfortunate event, our founder wanted to create a better and healthier lifestyle to the community, thus the idea was not only for their mother country but for every single individual in the world. Founder saw a glint of hope to recover the financial economy scenario. With a small team of investors, fund managers, financial analysis and traders, they formed a group which would be the future of the first cooperated company called FXTF.

2005 – After years of research & development, the founders and his team started the first trade in the financial market. The next solid 8 years, the founders and the team have done various trades in the open financial in the market, and manage to assist and develop various ranges of clients.

2013 – The founders had a greater vision to expand their knowledge to the far end of the world. They have incorporated FXTF Capital as their first step into reaching their goals. FXTF capital acts as a financial & investment consultant, finance brokers, stock brokers, underwriters, registrars, issue house, portfolio management and to invest or subscribe for purchase or otherwise acquire and sell, dispose of, exchange, hold and otherwise deal in shares or other securities issued by any authority central, state, municipal local or otherwise and to carry on the business generally carried on by finance and investment companies.

FXTF Capital functions to hold shares or invest in and to acquire, lease, promote or sell, and to manage, conduct or undertake the business of management or otherwise howsoever direct the operations of any business, company , corporation, firm of any other whatsoever enterprise, undertaking or venture and generally to undertake any of the business of a holding or management company. FXTF Capital also carry on the business of service provider, distributor, concept, facilitator, consultant, motivator, manager, franchises, co-ordinations with municipalities, administration, licensing authorities, market authorities, custodian, trustees, business advisor, strategy formulator, brand ambassador, on behalf of companies, firms or individuals to promote, establish, brand building, market leader, of products or services and all related activities.

In conjunction of ensuring the trading methods are more precise, the founders also have developed the computer trading simulation application called SIMO through their subsidiaries company called SIMO Resources Sdn. Bhd, SIMO Resources was engaged into training & development field.

2016 – AZA LLP is incorporated under Companies Commission of Malaysia to carry business in Investment Advisory Services, Other Financial and Commodity Futures Brokers and Dealers, also Other Monetary Intermediation (with Deposit Taking Functions).

2017 – In continuation of the founders vision & dreams, the company has moved to the next stage forward by incorporating AZA GROUP LIMITED in the republic of Seychelles under International Business Companies Act (act 15) 2016.

AZA Group Limited also has registered the company at Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Pte Malindo Niaga, in Indonesia.