ASM Services


corporate_advisory_imgASM provides strategic financial advisory and fund-raising services to middle-to-large companies, private equity firms, investment bankers, and high-net-worth individuals, among others.



merger & acqASM Assists buyers and investors to realize M&A value and return on investment (ROI). We help clients manage risk, identify and evaluate potential targets, advise on funding options, negotiating contract, and capitalize on opportunities to realize their growth potential.



transaction_support_servicesASM’s comprehensive due diligence approach helps identify deals, deal breakers, risks, and opportunities for improvement, and all financial aspects involved and to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to dealing with the other stakeholders.



fund mngWith complex portfolio-construction and risk-management techniques, ASM investment managers choose the investments, buy and sell shares or other assets on your behalf. You and other investors usually are paid income or ‘distributions’ periodically and each of you own a portion of the total fund pooled.



brokerage houseASM Brokerage House specialized in facilitating the buying and selling of public stocks and other financial securities between a buyer and a seller through the firm’s agent stockbrokers around the world. We offer customized support and interaction in facilitating trades, managing portfolios, financial planning and wealth management services for our clients.



financial advASM professional financial team helps individuals and corporate manage their finances by providing advice on money issues such as investments, insurance, mortgages, estate planning, capital management, debts structuring depending on what the client requests. We assess the financial needs and help clients with financial instruments planning from short-term to long-term goals.



Liquidity-BannerASM is servicing our clients in stock market and equity involvement for many years. We help our clients to trade, manage and liquidate the profits from trading platform into their personal account. As far as business progression, ASM has built good relation and connected with top 50 banks in the world.