In-House Self Created Software

It is Computerized Simulation Software for FX Markets database and quote. This is known as a fast, reliable, and more convenient for our traders. It has been around for more than ten (10)  years and continues to grow.


 Trading House Development

We are in the business of building and backing profitable traders (In-House Traders). Our experience has shown that improvement in certain areas can be the difference between Consistently Negative Trader to Consistently Profitable Trader, Market Selection, Technology, Fundamental and Technically.

There are different ways to trade the financial markets. The key is “method”. To develop your method you will need to understand the behavior of the financial market, know about price action, and be competent in using chart and conducting technical analysis. Our traders begin to practice trading and begin to refine a method that works for them. The aim is to develop a method that they are comfortable and confident with. As their skills and competence grow they will come to develop more than one method so they can pick and choose which is the best under different market conditions.


Access Thousands of Global Financial Markets

Speculate on price movements of Forex, metals and more, our In-House Traders trade thousands of financial markets including equities, indices, commodities, Forex and bonds with flexibility. We find opportunities in the world’s largest financial market 24 hours a day, five days a week.